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PRESENTATION OF BREED Burma to China (Heihe).

PRESENTATION OF BREED Burma to China (Heihe).
Bright colors, smiles, national dances, met cats from Russia to China.
Interesting people, with their faces to come down smile friendly to everything going on.
Just hard to say that these people are so carefully you listen and remember everything.
Of course, some pictures and even outline the like are afraid to miss even a small part.


All of these would always grateful listeners ..
The Chinese were delighted with our breed. As it turned out in the area of China have never seen burmese, prompting increased interest in our breed.
Translator tried very hard, uttering incomprehensible
terms and it became clear to us that we ponimayut.Eto was nice.
Stormy admiration aroused phrase about silk cats, it was clear that the comparison with the silk in their blood and very friendly and relatives.
And all ran proveryat.Tysyachi hands stretched in silk and wool of our burmese a long line with a desire to feel and stroke.
After completing the procedure of comparison with silk all nod their heads to each other, confirming what was said.
Business cards, booklets, table colors and instantly went all those who did not have enough information copied from the stands and on the breed and visual aids that we have prepared especially for presentations.
After the presentation, questions rained down (there's a lot we did not expect) and the answers to the quiz, which is held later, we were pleasantly pleased.
Responds correctly even children.
Wonderful people who wish to learn everything quickly.
We returned home happy.
Now, in this part of China know about our amazing cats.
And I believe that in every home and talk about the exhibition burmese miracle.
Thank our friendly team of the Far East for holding such informative and interesting presentation of the breed


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